Thinking of Purchasing a home?

If you purchase a home through me, the following will be promised to you.

I will – help you find the best value in your price range.

I will – get a qualifying and/or approval letter from a mortgage co. for the amount of money you can, or want to spend, to purchase a home.

I will – help you understand what your dollars can buy in today’s market. Your “wish list vs your realistic needs”.

I will – show you homes in your price range that most closely meet your specifications.

I will – call you when new listings come on the market in your price range.

I will – help you understand the Purchase Agreement.

I will – prepare and present the Purchase Agreement for you.

I will – arrange to get a licensed inspector to inspect your new home for any problems.

I will – help you find the best financing information.

I will – provide you with estimates of closing costs and montly payments for your new home.

I will – coordinate closing of your new home as well as give you information on cable, telephone, electric, homestead, and etc.

I will – send out “change of address” picture cards with you and your family in front of your new home, if you will give me a list of your friends and family.

I will – keep in touch, to make sure you are happy in your new home.